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Flash player on iphone.

Comex, the developer behind the latest and most compatible jailbreak to date, Spirit, recently tweeted a video of an iPhone that is apparently playing REAL Adobe Flash content at full speed.He states in the video description that it is "very preliminary," as can be seen by the minor graphical glitches on the screen, but the fact is that it seems to be opening and executing Flash content just fine. No other information has been unveiled yet; it is unknown if this project is to be eventually worked into Safari as its own plugin or if it will have to stay as a standalone app.

Apple's distaste with Flash has led quite a few developers to work on their own workarounds to get Flash content working on the iPhone. Some of the most notable include iMobileCinema, a Safari plugin that has been around for a while that attempts to play video content embedded in Flash, Gordon and Smokescreen, two Flash interpreters written entirely in Javascript (which iOS and MobileSafari handle just fine, if slowly), and Flash In A Pinch and CloudBrowse, which actually render Flash content on a remote server, then stream down the images (and sound in the case of CloudBrowse) of the webpage to your iDevice. However, none of these workarounds could really be considered a "Flash player" considering the limitations that each solution has in place. This project, should it come to fruition, would be the first real Flash player for iPhone, and comex has already proven his skill by releasing the first ever untethered 3G S/G3 iTouch jailbreak.

Follow comex on Twitter, and check back to this thread for any future updates on the project.

(Here are the links to the first and the second Flash movie demoed in the video.)

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